Hide Your Belly with the Right Clothes

Since my biggest area of concern is my jiggly belly I thought I would start off this session with some advice on how to hide your belly with the right clothes.

After 40 many of us mommas start to gain weight around our middles especially those of us going into perimenopause or menopause (another bonus of getting older.)

the-dreaded-muffin-topThere are so many styles and tips that can keep us looking stylish and hide our apple-shaped middles and muffin tops.



Let’s start with the obvious

1) DO NOT wear tight garments over your belly, t-shirts, knits of any kind etc.

2) Leggings are your friend. With all the long shirt styles now leggings can be a great addition to your wardrobe. They also push in your belly a bit.Plus they are super comfy, it is like wearing PJs all day but you still look cute

3) Layer with long cardigans or jackets. Even if it is summer you can opt for a light sweater. These pieces hide muffin tops and look stylish.








4) Stay away from belts. Who needs to draw attention to your problem area?

5) Do not tuck in your tops. Choose tops that go over your bottoms.

6) Choose tops that have some ruching or draping element on the belly. Also tops with patterns draw attention away from the middle

7) Asymmetrical is always a good call. They create vertical lines that draw attention away from your tummy

8) Shape-wear (like Spanx) – I know it sucks to have to wear shape-wear but if your belly is hanging over your clothes you may want to invest in a good brand of shape-wear. These pieces can really flatten your tummy

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