Classic Styles to Incorporate into your Wardrobe

Happy Monday Mommas,

Below are some of my favorite fashion staples. Check out my Pintrest Board for some of my favorite looks and how to incorporate these pieces.


The Cool Black Leather Moto Jacket for women – this jacket never goes out of style. It is so versatile and chic. It can dress up or down any outfit depending on how you utilize it.  If the biker look is too much for you than you can always go with a softer color, brown beige or even pink.

Leopard flats. Again super versatile and adds flair to any outfit

Striped shirt – Classic style. Never goes out. You can dress it up, dress it down, wear it with an opposite print (like polka dots) wear it under a blazer or with a sweater. You can almost wear this any way you would like. In fact I wear mine so much that I have 2 , one in navy and 1 in grey.

Banana Republic Wool-Blend PantsBlack Pants – sleek and stylish. Casual or dressy….enough said

Dark Jeans that fit you well

Red Flats Black, Red & Neutral Flats – summer, winter, spring or fall. These work with any combination and any season (unless you live where it snows and if you do I am sorry you are down to just Spring and Summer for these beauties) Choose red to give a pop of color to any outfit


 Black or Brown Boots – Spring, Fall, Winter, Knee high or ankle depending on which style your prefer. Side note, Marshalls, TJ Max and even Target have some great options. This doesn’t have to be a giant expense

Check out these 2 links on how to wear boots.

10 ways to wear ankle boots

10 ways to wear riding boots

Black BlazerBlack Blazer – feminine and just all round rad. Wear it with jeans, dresses, slacks, skirts. You name it and it goes

Statement Necklace A statement necklace – It doesn’t have to be expensive but it should be noticeable. It can make a simple outfit really standout and look stronger

These are some fun easy pieces to get you started. Check back next Monday for more tips.


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