Reckless Brewing – Mira Mesa

Reckless Brewing 

 reckless2What started off as a possibly good review ended up being a sad review. We stumbled upon this little brewery as one of our stops on our Mira Mesa tour. Reckless is located across from the mega brewery of Ballast Point at 9040 Carroll Way #8, San Diego, CA 92121. They are a small 1.5 barrel system that keeps 12 rotating unique beers on tap.

Ambience – Think garage brewery. Very casual. A bit sloppy looking. Didn’t feel very clean. The beertenders were great. Very knowledgable & passionate about the company. The owner was pretty rude (more on that below.)

Beers – Their 12 taps all have very unique flavor profiles. This is kind of their schtick, off the beaten track flavors. The ones I really liked;

What’s All This @ 5% – a mild pale ale infused with Earl Grey Tea. It had a mild bergamot flavor and was refreshing

Golden Boy @ 7.5% it was a really well balanced IPA with a nice citrusy flavor.

The beers I thought were terrible

Coconut Mead @ 10% cloying and very very sweet. It is fermented with honey & coconut but the flavors were so strong that was all you could taste.

For Goodness Sake @ 10% – brewed with rice and a splash of raspberry. Just tasted odd all the way around.

The rest were just ok.

I always like to give breweries a second try to be fair but the owner was so rude. He was not interested in answering questions. We were standing at the makeshift bar and he basically told us to move off of the bar and get out of the way. There was no where else to sit. He sort of had that artist snobbiness.


Food – No food. They had hotdogs and popcorn on this day because it was their anniversary but by in large they do not offer food trucks.

Overall – Ehhhh. Didn’t love it to begin with and then with the rudeness of the owner and the mediocrity of the beers I will be crossing this one off our list.


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