Zumbar Chocolate Imperial Stout

zumbar-chocolate-coffeeNew English Brewery is a cute little San Diego brewery that has created Zumbar, a most delicious Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout. It is a collaboration with a San Diego Boutique coffee roaster, Zumbar Coffee & Tea

(Commercial description)

This Imperial Stout is brewed with “El Mundo” a rich blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffee beans in the mash and also in the fermenter. As well as ridiculous amounts of whole bean coffee we added 2 Lbs per Barrel of 72% cacao Belgian Chocolate in the secondary.

The flavor – Delicious coffee, chocolate, a bit smokey, a bit nutty, not too sweet

Style – Imperial Stout

Scent – Dark chocolate and sharp fresh coffee

Pour-  Pitch black with a lovely tan head

Body – Medium body, smooth and chewy

ABV – 9.3%

Finish – Nice lingering coffee and chocolate flavor. Warming on the belly

Food Pairing – Cheesecake, Shortbread Cookies or Biscottis would be lovely

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Side note: I had this on Nitro and it was Fantabulous



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