5 Make Up Tips For Women Over 40 That Really Work

‘Tis the season of parties. I have experimented with a ton of different makeup tips. Below are the 4 tips that I swear by. They provide the best smoke and mirror tricks to try and keep my rapidly aging, sagging, wrinkling face at bay. Merry Christmas Mommas. Enjoy these tips.

Mascara Stamping — The New Way to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


Red Lipstick Under Eye Concealer — My favorite of all make up tips







This amazes me every-time I do it. Check out the video below for instructions.



Brow Filling- A Huge Necessity after 40







I use a brow pencil to define top and bottom and then fill in with a brow powder and brow brush

Eye Shadow Primer – The Older I get the More Yucky My Eye Shadow Gets. Using Primer Makes All The Difference






I have used several different brands. They are all basically the same in my opinion.

I use my fingers to apply (after moisturizer) but you can use a brush too.

Bonus Tip – If You Use Eyeliner Switch to Gel

Honestly it is so much better. It is easier to apply and lasts all day so you don’t get those black flakes under your eyes and on your cheekscomparison-gel-liquid1

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