125x125Hey Mommas,

Check out this super cute personalized daily texts from Santa and a selfie of Santa in front of your Christmas Tree. What a cute thing to do for your cherubs.
Below are details

Daily texts starting December 1st

3 customized texts that you can create and schedule when to send (ex-Susie, I heard your teacher Miss Smith sent home a note saying what a kind friend you were today at school.  I’m so proud of you!  xoxo, Santa)

a selfie of Santa at your Christmas tree sent on Christmas morning (subscribers can upload a picture of their tree on our website)

Just click on my affiliate link below to sign up. SIGN UP FOR TEXTS FROM SANTA



By Just your average momma

Hi There,
My name is Kris. I am a full time working married working momma of 3 Cherubs. They are 18, 16, & 12. My to my dismay I am 48.
I am your pretty average mom. I love dark chocolate, I am tired and cranky quite often, I am about 10 lbs too heavy and I am crazy in love with my family. I am not particularly artistic or talented, although I am a pretty good cook. I am an OK wife and momma on my best days. I have strong faith, but falter daily. I am not at all feeling sorry for myself, in fact I like some me quite a bit. I tell you this because I am surrounded by this amazing group of beautiful artistic talented women, who are great mommas and wives, who have beautiful faith and you know what? They think they are just average mommas too. So I am taking my average hands on experience and throwing it out for all you other average mommas.

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