A Convenient Solution to Costly Dr Appointments + a Giveaway

MavenLogoOhhhh mommas I am so excited about this nifty new app. I frequently am asked to review things on this blog and I usually do not consider doing so because I don’t want to inundate you with white noise. But this is so great. I love it. I only wish I had access to this when my babies were little. It would have saved me countless trips to the pediatrician’s office.

MAVEN is an app that basically allows you to make a virtual appointment with a certified doctor, specialist or nurse practitioner on your IPad or IPhone. The price range is between $18-$100 per appointment. (I don’t know about you but that kicks butt on my deductible) You pay up front so there are no add on fees and you will know what it is going to cost before you commit. It is geared towards women but they are able to meet almost all needs. They are able to give prescriptions, physical therapy exercise, prenatal care, breast feeding help etc.

How rad would it be to have a new baby and not have to haul yourself, the baby, the car seat, the diaper bag and a toddler to find out why someone has a fever or is ear tugging?

This is not designed to replace your GP but to supplement in a convenient cost effective way. They do not currently work with insurance companies.

I think you are going to love it. They are offering all readers of Just Your Average Momma a free visit to give it a try (worth $25 dollars which covers time with a nurse practitioner, physical therapist, or nutritionist) Just put in this code (valid for one visit only). JUSTYOURAVERAGEMOMMA on this link http://go.onelink.me/1845334105?pid=Blog&c=JustYourAverageMomma

I have attached the one sheeter from the company for your review. Give it a try and let me know what you think. This is one of those times when modern technology is a good thing.

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