Now I Know Why Old People Drive So Slow

oldwomandrivingI am one of those people who can be an impatient driver, especially when I am behind someone (usually elderly) who is going slightly below the speed limit with their turn signal incessantly blinking.

But recently I have developed this theory of why the elderly drive so cautiously.

Since my oldest son has started driving I have this hyper awareness of how other people drive. Now every time I drive I feel like I have developed some type of spider sense. It is like I see everything that could happen. There are the people who race up to stop lights, the zig zaggers in traffic, the motorcycles that are going 40 miles an hour over the speed limit. Each situation makes me wonder how my son will navigate the array of dangerous drivers.

Now when I drive I audibly gasp multiple times, even when I am by myself. I drive so much differently than I did a year ago, slower. more cautious, turn signals, basically the way  we are supposed to drive before you have 30 years of driving under your belt and sometimes use your knee to steer so you can drink your coffee.

I can only imagine it is going to get worse.My hyper driving sense is getting more keen each day. My son is getting more comfortable driving each day, which means I am getting more uncomfortable driving each day.

Sometimes the circle of life is funny, not ha ha funny, but dang it funny. I also have a new respect and patience for elderly drivers. Heck they are just trying to survive the ride from point A to point B.

I get it.

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