Nothing New for A Year??!!!

35875ef59d69ed175eb78d672c2645f8I have never been a big New Year resolution person.

But his year I decided to do something bold, at least for me.

When I told my family my resolution it was met with eye rolling and snickering.

My 2016 resolution is to not to buy anything new for a year.
I know this sounds ridiculous to many of you but I get a little too much enjoyment from new things. I just feel better when I have a new whatever. I love coming home and seeing an amazon package, even if it is just a $3.00 eyeliner I get a little giddy.
I want to find another way to feel like that without it costing me $10
The idea for this resolution came to me last month.
As I was frantically running around buying gifts I had an several aha moments;
  • All those $10-$15 purchases add up to waaay too much.
  • When everyone opened their gifts in 20 seconds after 2 months of careful shopping they were content and grateful but it was really anticlimactic. Aside from a few pieces of clothing, socks etc they didn’t need anything.
  • When I look for outfit ideas I realized that I have some version of just about every piece of essential clothing, accessory, shoe etc.
  • We have a cherub going to college this year and we honestly don’t have anywhere to cut back, except my addiction to buying cheap t shirts and accessories.
I have been on the fence about saying this resolution out loud. I did not want to hear the mockery and I am afraid I am not going to be able to do it. But now that it is out there I am setting up some parameters.
1) I will not buy any new piece of clothing, shoes or accessories for the year of 2016, with the exception of essentials, i.e.if my running shoes get a hole, if I need new underwear because mine no longer have elastic.
2) I will only buy my children new clothes if they have outgrown their current wardrobe. The boys should not be to affected by this as much but my girl may suffer greatly.
3) I will not buy any new kitchen or home item for decor or convenience. Only out of necessity
4) When I have my annual parties (Halloween, Super Bowl, Oscars etc) I will not buy any themed decor. I will be creative with what I have (this makes me a little sad)
5) I will not buy any new makeup just to try the color. I will replace my makeup only as needed.
These are the techniques I plan to use to inspire myself
1) When tempted to buy anything I will take that money and put it in a savings account I have set up just for this purpose
2) I am gonna pray my way through the temptation
3) I am going to unsubscribe to all those teaser discount sites, coupon sites as well as stores like Old Navy and Kohls
4) I am going to remove all credit cards and store cards from my wallet with the exception of one credit card for emergencies.
5) When I have to go to a store like Target I will go directly to the section I need and not peruse the other sections.
Ok mommas. That is my plan.
Wish me luck.
I will update my progress.
So far I have not purchased a pair of jeans and a totally cute sweater that was on sale at Target for $8 (come on how can I pass that up)??? But I hung tough. 5 days down, 360 to go and $22 in my new savings account.