Enchanted Fairytale Birthday Parties

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Enchanted fairy tale birthday parties

Little girls love magic, and if they could, they would move to the forest in a blink of an eye and live in harmony with magical forest creatures and fairies. It does not come as a surprise, though, fairies and magic are among favorite little girls’ things in the world, and no wonder they want to watch fairy cartoons, and pretend play enchanted forest all the time. If you would like to give a special gift to your little girl, prepare her an ‘Enchanted fairy tale’ themed birthday party.


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Think about the very elements you want to incorporate in your party & have them printed on invitations. If possible, order different invitations & personalize each one with a little sticker or some glitter on the corners. Make sure there are mushrooms, flowers, stars, & little fairies printed on them. You can even choose to make them yourself if you would like: have flowers & leaves cut out of colored paper and glued onto the invitation with golden dots cut out of plain golden paper; as long as it is extraordinary, girls will love it.



If you have a garden you have more than half of your problems solved: little tables covered with white, pink, and green tablecloths, colorful cushions on small chairs, perhaps even a tent made out of your old curtains so that it looks like a baldachin over their dining table. Once again, mushrooms peeking out from underneath the chairs and every corner of your yard, plastic ivy over the table, pastel colored paper butterflies hanging on strings from the trees and glued onto their chairs, food served on wooden plates and fake moss covered platters. They will have no problem imagining that they are in a fairy tale. You can do this in your home as well, just attach paper flowers, leaves, and ivy over your curtains and door frames.


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Fairies and princesses may not be the same thing, but they do have something in common: beautiful dresses and lovely little crowns.They can even decide if they would like to be princess fairies instead (a hint: yes, they all would). Have tutus, tiaras, and fairy wings prepared for all your guests, but the birthday girl should still be the star; allow her to wear her flower girl dress and make her wings and tiara a little extra special. They can also have magic wands with stars and straps of fabric attached so they can run around and cast spells.

Cake and snacks


You don’t have to make an exotic and extraordinary meal, you just have to be innovative and name the things you have prepared differently: poisoned candy apples from Snow white, pixie punch for soda, magic beans for jelly beans, fairy cupcakes with little edible fairies on top… You only need a bit of imagination. As for the cake, make it fit into the theme of the party perfectly: Princess or fairy cake with plenty of chocolate so they would grow strong and beautiful.



Besides the joy for seeing all those little girls mesmerized with the surroundings you’ve prepared, your heart will be filled with pride and joy once you see how happy they are to be real fairies for a day.


Do it yourself mismatched chairs in antiqued red

WP_20140928_10_45_35_ProI may have mentioned that I really have no artistic ability. I got a C- in sewing class in high school (out of pity.)

I am one of those get it done quick type of gals. I barely have patience to apply a second coat of paint. I cannot do a multi step process project.

That is why I am so stoked to share this project with you. Most things I do come out nowhere near the way they look on Pinterest. In fact they look like a pre-school project complete with streaks, out of the line coloring etc. Frankly it is a little sad.

I will never go to a paint it yourself ceramic store again. They mock me.

This project was done on a gamble and honestly it looked great.

Let me give you a little background. We have had the same Ikea table for the past 12 years. It was hanging on by a thread; well really it was duct tape.

I found this awesome table at Cost Plus on clearance. It had some scratches and dents in it but frankly that is my style. The cherubs are hard on furniture so anything that comes “worn” is a bonus that we don’t have the stress of that first scratch. Anyway check out the table. I got it for $175.00 on clearance from $600.00. It is sturdy.

Now my dilemma was chairs. Our old chairs looked terrible with it and they were on their last leg anyway. I decided that mismatched chairs were a look I liked and they are in our budget.

I found 3 white wood chairs on Craig’s list for $30 and 1 black wood chair at a garage sale for $15. I decided red would look best for our set up.

After researching I found that spray paint is the way to go when painting chairs because of the many nooks and crevices. I found this great Colonel Red Paint pictured below. It already has primer so one less step…. Yay me!

The red was too red so I decided to buy a bronze colored metallic paint to spray on top.

I sanded the chairs (albeit quickly) and wiped them down with a damp cloth. Not hot soapy water, just a damp cloth. Now mind you my attention to detail is not stellar. I am ok with imperfections. It makes life easier.

Next step I cut up a couple of trash bags to put the chairs on and put a big piece of cardboard behind them.

I spray painted the chairs red. This took 2 coats (to my dismay) I waited about 30 minutes in between coats.

As the second coat was drying I took the bronze metallic paint and lightly sprayed over the red chairs.
The result t was phenomenal!!! It looks so rad with the table.

Exodus 35:25
Every skilled woman spun with her hands and brought what she had spun—blue, purple or scarlet yarn or fine linen.

WP_20140920_10_16_42_Pro chairs

How to make a Halloween costume if you can’t sew (like not even a button)

WP_20141012_10_29_17_Pro3I may have referenced my complete lack of artistic ability in previous posts. This is no exaggeration. In high school my home ec.teacher gave me a C- out of pity because it took me an entire semester to sew the ugliest most uneven skirt you have ever seen. I think that experience scarred me because I have never picked up needle and thread again. In fact I take my daughter’s girl scout sash to the seamstress to sew on the badges. The seamstress actually clucks her tongue in disgust at my ineptitude.
Well, cherub #3 decided she wanted a homemade costume this year. A fair amount of panic set in when I heard this. I know how it goes. She has an idea of how it will work, she and I try to make it look like the picture in her head, it ends up not looking AT ALL like that vision and then we have a small meltdown. Ever the optimists, we keep thinking one time it will work out. For this round she decided to be a minion from Despicable Me. We had to do a costume that involved no sewing and only a glue gun.

This time it turned out pretty cute. It was SUPER easy. It took about 20 minutes (OK, the second time I did it, it took 20 minutes. The first time took me about 40 minutes and when we were done it wouldn’t fit over her head.)
The entire thing including the tutu, tank top and tights ended up costing about $25.
If you want to give it a whirl this is what it takes;
3 pieces of yellow felt
1 piece of white felt cut in a circle
1 piece of light blue or brown (depending on the eye color you want) felt cut in a circle
2 pieces of black felt for the hair, eye and border
1 piece of gray felt – cut in a circle
Hot glue gun
Blue tutu
Blue ribbon (we chose one w/ polka dots)
4 safety pins to secure the ribbon to the tutu
Yellow tank top
Yellow tights
I used a couple different size cereal bowl to trace the circles with chalk on the back side of the felt.
I think she looks pretty cute and… it is only October 12 and we are set for Halloween.
Whewwww check that box as done.

WP_20141012_10_29_09_Pro hal