Reckless Brewing – Mira Mesa

Reckless Brewing 

 reckless2What started off as a possibly good review ended up being a sad review. We stumbled upon this little brewery as one of our stops on our Mira Mesa tour. Reckless is located across from the mega brewery of Ballast Point at 9040 Carroll Way #8, San Diego, CA 92121. They are a small 1.5 barrel system that keeps 12 rotating unique beers on tap.

Ambience – Think garage brewery. Very casual. A bit sloppy looking. Didn’t feel very clean. The beertenders were great. Very knowledgable & passionate about the company. The owner was pretty rude (more on that below.)

Beers – Their 12 taps all have very unique flavor profiles. This is kind of their schtick, off the beaten track flavors. The ones I really liked;

What’s All This @ 5% – a mild pale ale infused with Earl Grey Tea. It had a mild bergamot flavor and was refreshing

Golden Boy @ 7.5% it was a really well balanced IPA with a nice citrusy flavor.

The beers I thought were terrible

Coconut Mead @ 10% cloying and very very sweet. It is fermented with honey & coconut but the flavors were so strong that was all you could taste.

For Goodness Sake @ 10% – brewed with rice and a splash of raspberry. Just tasted odd all the way around.

The rest were just ok.

I always like to give breweries a second try to be fair but the owner was so rude. He was not interested in answering questions. We were standing at the makeshift bar and he basically told us to move off of the bar and get out of the way. There was no where else to sit. He sort of had that artist snobbiness.


Food – No food. They had hotdogs and popcorn on this day because it was their anniversary but by in large they do not offer food trucks.

Overall – Ehhhh. Didn’t love it to begin with and then with the rudeness of the owner and the mediocrity of the beers I will be crossing this one off our list.


Bolt Brewery

Bolt Brewery

During our outing in La Mesa last weekend we also visited Bolt Brewery. Bolt has 2 breweries. The one we visited and another, with a restaurant in Little Italy. I love going to areas where breweries are within walking distance of each other. This one is just down the street from my previous review of Helix.

This is actually Bolts second round of starting a brewery. They began in Fallbrook in 1987. But, according their website, they couldn’t brew beer fast enough and eventually went out of business.

Jump forward to present day. Clint Stromberg and his business partner Molly Rust reopened what they call  Version 2.0 of Bolt Brewery

Stromberg along with his team of brewers Chris Angel (Head Brewer), Josh Ferracioli and Nick Pankow are steadily brewing at Bolt. Operating at 10-barrel system Clint built in 1995 in Budapest, Hungary, Bolt will produce roughly 2,000 barrels of beer annually. Though

boltAmbience – Cool beer garden space in a Quonset hut. All outdoor seating. The beertenders were very friendly. No indoor seating but plenty of shade.



The actual brewery is pretty cool with copper kettle. It is a 10-barrel system that Clint built in 1995 in Budapest, Hungary. They are producing roughly 2,000 barrel annually.

Beers – Solid beers. Nice finish. Some inventive styles.

We tried the following;

Imperial Pilsner @7.0% This was our favorite. Crisp and clean with a great finish.  Nice and citrusy

Hard Pressed Orange Ale @ 5.2%  (affectionately known as the Manmosa) Infused with real oranges. Sweet and tart. It was pretty refreshing on a hot day. I really liked this at first but was glad I only got a taster. It was a bit cloying towards the end.

Dan Stouts on Nitro @ 7.6% My second favorite. Double chocolate Imperial Stout. Nice nutty flavor. Great finish. Nice on the palate all the way back

Imperial Stout on Nitro @ 9.1% – I liked the Dan Stouts much better. This stout seemed to be all flavor up front with little finish

Belgian Dubbel @ 7.1% – Not a big fan of Belgians in the summer. They are typically way to sweet for me but this was a good light Dubbel. Clean finish with nice flavors of cherry and fig.

zqFood – Zia Quesadillas was the vendor. we were starving by the time we got here. The sirloin quesadillas was scrumptious. The salsa was good and the Enchilada was fair.


Overall – Fun place. Totally going back. I am anxious to try their Little Italy locations. The beers were good, some were very good. The ambience was fun. They have bands on the weekends so just check their website for events.

About the brewer – Clint considers himself a session beer specialist, the veteran of more than 29 years hopes to craft a little bit of everything — ales and lagers ranging from a proper pilsner to pale ales and stouts.

Misc. $5 flights on Tuesdays.

Nothing New for A Year??!!!

35875ef59d69ed175eb78d672c2645f8I have never been a big New Year resolution person.

But his year I decided to do something bold, at least for me.

When I told my family my resolution it was met with eye rolling and snickering.

My 2016 resolution is to not to buy anything new for a year.
I know this sounds ridiculous to many of you but I get a little too much enjoyment from new things. I just feel better when I have a new whatever. I love coming home and seeing an amazon package, even if it is just a $3.00 eyeliner I get a little giddy.
I want to find another way to feel like that without it costing me $10
The idea for this resolution came to me last month.
As I was frantically running around buying gifts I had an several aha moments;
  • All those $10-$15 purchases add up to waaay too much.
  • When everyone opened their gifts in 20 seconds after 2 months of careful shopping they were content and grateful but it was really anticlimactic. Aside from a few pieces of clothing, socks etc they didn’t need anything.
  • When I look for outfit ideas I realized that I have some version of just about every piece of essential clothing, accessory, shoe etc.
  • We have a cherub going to college this year and we honestly don’t have anywhere to cut back, except my addiction to buying cheap t shirts and accessories.
I have been on the fence about saying this resolution out loud. I did not want to hear the mockery and I am afraid I am not going to be able to do it. But now that it is out there I am setting up some parameters.
1) I will not buy any new piece of clothing, shoes or accessories for the year of 2016, with the exception of essentials, i.e.if my running shoes get a hole, if I need new underwear because mine no longer have elastic.
2) I will only buy my children new clothes if they have outgrown their current wardrobe. The boys should not be to affected by this as much but my girl may suffer greatly.
3) I will not buy any new kitchen or home item for decor or convenience. Only out of necessity
4) When I have my annual parties (Halloween, Super Bowl, Oscars etc) I will not buy any themed decor. I will be creative with what I have (this makes me a little sad)
5) I will not buy any new makeup just to try the color. I will replace my makeup only as needed.
These are the techniques I plan to use to inspire myself
1) When tempted to buy anything I will take that money and put it in a savings account I have set up just for this purpose
2) I am gonna pray my way through the temptation
3) I am going to unsubscribe to all those teaser discount sites, coupon sites as well as stores like Old Navy and Kohls
4) I am going to remove all credit cards and store cards from my wallet with the exception of one credit card for emergencies.
5) When I have to go to a store like Target I will go directly to the section I need and not peruse the other sections.
Ok mommas. That is my plan.
Wish me luck.
I will update my progress.
So far I have not purchased a pair of jeans and a totally cute sweater that was on sale at Target for $8 (come on how can I pass that up)??? But I hung tough. 5 days down, 360 to go and $22 in my new savings account.

Toddlers 5 Favorite Items To Flush Down The Toilet

Today’s entertaining guest post is from The Tucson Plumber . They gave us a list of the top five items tots are tossing in the toilet.

drain_toysMost parents I know have a love/hate relationship with the toilet. Especially if you are a parent of toddlers. Around two years of age, young children are thrilled to discover the toilet. Even before potty-training is a subject of discussion, tots quickly and enthusiastically learn that they can flush objects down the toilet. This hobby quickly becomes a favorite “game” for children of various ages. However, this annoying practice can be unsafe for our plumbing system as well as for the environment.

  1. Toys – From stuffed animals to plastic cars, to talking phones and crayons, toddlers love flushing their prized possessions down the toilet. If a toy is flushed, plunging may work to unclog the toilet.
  2. Jewelry – If your gems are left within the reach of your tots, you may soon have a problem. If jewelry or other very valuable items are flushed, they might be recovered from a “J trap” (more common beneath sinks and basins), or from a sewer cleanout between the residence and the sewer line.
  3. Baby Wipes–It’s a fact that kids love baby wipes. And although they are often marketed to be flushed like toilet paper, these wipes create clogs and backups in sewer systems.
  4. Paper Towels – Kids love to mimic their parents, who are often cleaning up messes with paper towels. Unfortunately, flushing them can cause big problems to your plumbing system. These towels are not designed to break down in water like toilet paper.
  5. Disposable Diapers –Diapers are made from toxic plastic that’s designed to expand when it comes in contact with water. In the rare chance you actually get it down the drain, it will instantly cause a terrible back up.

The Trick to Becoming a Better Person

self-helpHow can I be a better person, wife, parent, Christian?

How can I better serve God?

How can I take better care of my body?

How can I be more patient?

How can I be more humble?

How can I, How can I, How can I????

This is my usual thought process (intermingled with my to do list) on my walks with God. My prayers usually revolve around God making me better whatever in accordance with my most glaring current shortcoming

I have read faith books, bible studies, self help books, talked at nauseam to God and my friends about what I want to do better in my life.

On today’s walk I was just tired. Tired of hearing myself babble. I started my walk off by asking God if He could help me enjoy His company today. Just walk side by side with me.

If God had something to say I was happy to listen but if not I has happy to just stroll along silently.(This is not easy for me)

Then I had an “aha” moment. I think God did have a nugget or two today.

It isn’t about “I”. God doesn’t always want me working on myself. This is the enemies trick. The devil gets us to be so self focused that it keeps our focus and attention off of God, That is the danger. We think we are pursuing God but in reality we are pursing self.

If my thoughts and energy are always on me how can I be of use and serve others? Self focus always makes sure we never obtain an unrealistic bench mark we have set. Self focus makes sure we are unsatisfied and not complete.

Don’t get me wrong, I think self improvement is important but not when it is our primary focus. Not when it is done because we are really trying to control things in our lives instead of submitting to God’s will us.

So after my next bible study I am going to take a self help break. I am going to throw myself into the bible and just be in God’s word. I am curious what He has to say to me when I am not telling him what I think my plan should be.


Enchanted Fairytale Birthday Parties

Today we have a great post from another guest blogger. Please meet Emma.

Emma is a teacher, constantly improving her skills both as a teacher and as a parent. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. She is a regular contributor to High Style Life.You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson

Enchanted fairy tale birthday parties

Little girls love magic, and if they could, they would move to the forest in a blink of an eye and live in harmony with magical forest creatures and fairies. It does not come as a surprise, though, fairies and magic are among favorite little girls’ things in the world, and no wonder they want to watch fairy cartoons, and pretend play enchanted forest all the time. If you would like to give a special gift to your little girl, prepare her an ‘Enchanted fairy tale’ themed birthday party.


PicMonkey Collage - Copy

Think about the very elements you want to incorporate in your party & have them printed on invitations. If possible, order different invitations & personalize each one with a little sticker or some glitter on the corners. Make sure there are mushrooms, flowers, stars, & little fairies printed on them. You can even choose to make them yourself if you would like: have flowers & leaves cut out of colored paper and glued onto the invitation with golden dots cut out of plain golden paper; as long as it is extraordinary, girls will love it.



If you have a garden you have more than half of your problems solved: little tables covered with white, pink, and green tablecloths, colorful cushions on small chairs, perhaps even a tent made out of your old curtains so that it looks like a baldachin over their dining table. Once again, mushrooms peeking out from underneath the chairs and every corner of your yard, plastic ivy over the table, pastel colored paper butterflies hanging on strings from the trees and glued onto their chairs, food served on wooden plates and fake moss covered platters. They will have no problem imagining that they are in a fairy tale. You can do this in your home as well, just attach paper flowers, leaves, and ivy over your curtains and door frames.


PicMonkey Collage2 - Copy

Fairies and princesses may not be the same thing, but they do have something in common: beautiful dresses and lovely little crowns.They can even decide if they would like to be princess fairies instead (a hint: yes, they all would). Have tutus, tiaras, and fairy wings prepared for all your guests, but the birthday girl should still be the star; allow her to wear her flower girl dress and make her wings and tiara a little extra special. They can also have magic wands with stars and straps of fabric attached so they can run around and cast spells.

Cake and snacks


You don’t have to make an exotic and extraordinary meal, you just have to be innovative and name the things you have prepared differently: poisoned candy apples from Snow white, pixie punch for soda, magic beans for jelly beans, fairy cupcakes with little edible fairies on top… You only need a bit of imagination. As for the cake, make it fit into the theme of the party perfectly: Princess or fairy cake with plenty of chocolate so they would grow strong and beautiful.



Besides the joy for seeing all those little girls mesmerized with the surroundings you’ve prepared, your heart will be filled with pride and joy once you see how happy they are to be real fairies for a day.


What your Closet is Begging for this Fall


Today’s informative piece is sent to us by guest blogger Jennifer Monahan. We are so excited to be able to feature her and her insight.

Jennifer Monahan is a freelance writer and a  mom of 2 fantastic kids out of Jackson Hole Wyoming. When she’s not working around the horse and cleaning up after her husband, she likes to keep up and write about the newest fashion trends. You can follow her on twitter @Jenmonahan76

scarf and bootsFall is one of the best seasons for your wardrobe because you have the ability to mix and match pieces to create different looks that show off your sense of style. You can pull from different seasons and layer them (or dress them down) so that it all feels season appropriate.

However, there are also many items that are fall specific that you might not have in your wardrobe yet.

These ten items are absolute essentials for your closet this year:

scarf1. Scarves of All Colors

Scarves are really the most versatile option for fall. Put them on in the mornings with a coat to keep you warm, and then use them in the office when the air conditioning gets to be too chilly. Scarves work well with sweaters, t-shirts, and even dresses to keep you looking put together.

Go for one that adds a pop of color to your outfit to beat those mid-October blues.

2. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been a staple in everyone’s wardrobe for the last few years, and they show no signs of leaving anytime soon. Tuck a pair into high-shafted boots to look a little more stylish or match them with a chunky, over sized sweater for a hayride. They are also great for those mornings when it is a little damp  outside – having pants with a wet hem is the worst!

3. Fun Flats

Mornings start getting slick in the fall, and that is not a time to be wobbling on your heels. Flats make more sense in the fall because you likely have to dodge leaf piles and walk on some questionable terrains. Add a pair of nude flats to make your legs longer and coordinate with a scarf for a put together look!

autumn boots4. Boots, Boots, and more Boots

Boots are the perfect shoe for almost everyone – they are comfortable, keep you warm, and can really transform any wardrobe into something special. Booties look great with tights and a dress or cropped pants, and ankle boots are perfect for picking apples or trick-or-treating. The clear winner, however, is the high shafted boot, which you pair with just about everything. Pair with high socks, skinny jeans, and a chunky sweater and you’ll get a cute, comfortable, and cozy look without much effort.


5. Not Your Dad’s Plaid

Plaid is going to be one of the hottest patterns of the fall, no matter where you are. Whether you want to go classic with a plaid shirt or flannel or you want to add some plaid to your accessories, it goes with just about everything. Try to add a plaid scarf or bracelet to your chic black looks or use a pair of plaid flats to spice things up. Remember that a little bit goes a long, long way!

6. Capes

Capes have been all over the red carpet lately, and there is a way to do them in everyday life. A great cape or poncho is a versatile look for weekends at home, hayrides, or while you are sitting under the Friday night lights. Most of the time, they are made from a warmer material so they can act as outwear when you don’t need a jacket at first, but once the sun goes down you will. Pair them with a simple outfit like jeans, a t-shirt, and boots to look a little more stylish.

7. Skirts

Skirts never really are “out,” are they? In fall, skirts have a great time because they are so versatile. Take a plain skirt and pair it with tights and some killer boots or get a longer skirt and match it with a great sweater. Color blocking in skirts has been huge this year, so make sure to color coordinate with a similar color shirt.

8. Trending Trench Coats

Walk the streets of any major city, and you will see that some of the most stylish women have trench coats. Now, for most women a trench coat seems a little stiff, but many brands have been working on more feminine styles. Look for trench coats with a touch of velvet, ruffles, flowers, and even pleated skirts. If you are going somewhere that you need to look good in outwear, a trench coat is an absolute must have.

9. Cashmere

Cashmere has long been considered a luxury for many women, but it doesn’t always have to be. A cashmere scarf, beanie, or gloves can really take your look to the next level. There are even some pretty great cashmere-dupes on the market as well. Cashmere will never go out of style, so making an investment in a great cashmere sweater will pay off many times in the coming years. Plus, they go with everything! Wear them with a skirt for the office, or pair with some leggings and thick socks for a cuddly weekend indoors.

10. The Fall Classic Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are another wardrobe staple that if you play your cards right and invest in a great, quality jacket, you will have it forever. Their popularity for the normal fashionista may vary, but you will never be out of style in one. Pair on top of a flirty dress to add some edge to your look, or just match with boots and jeans for a classic look. Black or brown leather is the most popular option, but if you want, going outside of the box and picking a colored leather is gorgeous as well.

Fall is a great time to experiment with pieces from other seasons. If you mix and match the items on this list with what is currently in your wardrobe, you can never go wrong.

Photo credits  Flickr User pinprick , Flickr user Hola.Lucia or Idhren

Are Marriage Podcasts Really a Crock??????

6991611_f520When I listen to all the marriage podcasts it sounds so logical. It seems so easy and spot on. Of course the next time we argue I will be able to take the high road and stop my anger from whirling up like a tornado and quickly escalating out of control.

I am ready for the next challenge.

God just loves to give you the opportunity to practice a new skill set.

Boom the opportunity comes. There is a brief flash of something I have heard or read about keeping calm, but it is stuck in the back of my mind, pushed down beneath all the anger.

I go from zero to really mad in record time.

But now I have the added bonus of feeling guilty because I have all of this info about the best way to handle these situations.

I know the right thing to do but frankly I am just really mad and don’t want to take the high road. I am 100% sure I am right but  that is wrong in and of itself. Of course I cognitively know I am not 100% right but tell that to my heart. It is pretty sure I am a victim of unjust accusations.

I always say being a Christian is hard. Before I found Jesus I was happy to just stew in my anger and self righteousness. Now when I want to wallow I know I shouldn’t. All the enjoyment is gone from my pouting. It is replaced with the Holy Spirit urging me,( incessantly mind you), that it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. I argue with the Holy Spirit because I feel very vindicated in my stance. The Holy Spirit deep signs and reiterates the exact same thing.

Then God throws down a daily devotion, followed by a podcast, followed by something else I read or hear just to make sure I don’t miss His easy to follow advice.

I have never once had Him give me signs to reinforce my indignance, You think He could throw me a bone once in a while so I could have my pity party.But that is not the way He works. 

So here I sit, knowing what to do and I am irritated as all get out that I have to do it. 

The good news is, at this point in my faith walk, at least I have this recognition

Now  the next part. of the journey is actually doing it. Hopefully followed by the phase where I really don’t care who is right or wrong. The part where you just assume the best of the person you have chosen to spend your life with.

So, no,  I don’t really think marriage pod casts are a crock. I think they are great. I think they add  building blocks to our marriage foundation. They are just itty bitty building blocks that I continually slip off of. But I climb back up on get a tad higher each time..

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

“Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.” Ephesians 4:2-3

“And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32


Letting Go of Your Teenager

imagesAlmost 18 years of  guiding, going to seminars, going to church, getting my cherubs mentors, having them go to youth group and bible studies. I felt we had given our babies every tool to make good decisions.

That is why it is so devastating when they choose the wrong path. We gave them everything in our power to guide them down the right path. They chose poorly.

The decision was life altering. It is a no take back situation. They have to deal with the consequences. The consequences will rear their ugly head many times over the course of their young lives.

And honestly I feel pretty helpless. As your babies get older the decisions they have to make get harder. Every single part of our culture leads our children against God’s plan. What is good is, at best, critiqued and ridiculed. What is bad is celebrated and encouraged. Parenting morals and values is an uphill battle. I have this visual of the 2 of us pushing a giant rock up hill and the rest of the world pushing that rock with their feet and hands back down.

As parents, we just have to sit back and watch. We are not mad, we are just sad.We all want what is best for our children. The guidance we give them is an attempt to save them from heartache and suffering. As they get older you realize, no matter how much guidance and how many right things you do, they have to suffer. They have to have heartache. They cannot learn from their mistakes unless they make them.

At these times the natural reaction is to grab a hold tighter. To set more rules and monitor more closely. But that isn’t going to work. At some point in their life you have to let go. You have to let failures happen.

The only path I can see to take is laying out consistent expectations  and talking about the bumps in the road. This makes your home a safe place for your children when they mess up. Grace and mercy are our friends during these times. Using these times to re-emphasize God’s word. To gently let them know that these choices are not part of what God wants for them.

Even though I think we all feel helpless sometimes we have to remember that we have the power of God in us. That makes us far from helpless.

Romans 5:3-6 reminds us “ Not only so, but wealso glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.have

God’s in our corner. Nothing is a surprise to Him. Each moment in our lives serves a purpose for His plan.

So you can let go with confidence. We were only stewards of our children in the first place. They were never really ours, they are His and He loves them so much more than we ever could. We can continue to guide but ultimately their path is already set. God has His arms around them.


August Is The Sunday Of Summer

Summer-Sunday-e1407858845935The end of summer elicits two very different responses from mommas. In one camp there is the  group that thinks, “Thank goodness.  I cannot wait for school to start.” The second group is more of the clinging by the your fingertips to the last moments as they are dragged out from under you.

I have always belonged to the latter group. If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that milestones are not my favorite part of parenting. I may rejoice and beam with pride as each cherub reaches a milestone but I silently grieve as they pass them. (Ok, not all that silently.)

Each year the end of summer is just a slap upside the head to me. We have spent summer in a blissful, relatively nag free state.  My big rule over summer is that everyone must brush their teeth twice a day. Otherwise it is pretty much Lord of the Flies over here.

I know there are tons of families who thrive on the routine of school. To me, summer is sooooooo much better than the day to day of school life. Let’s face it school sets us up for failure. How can a day start out peaceful when everyone is waking up while it is still dark outside? No one in our family is really a morning person. Most of the time 3 of the 4 are crabby. It rotates which of the 3, but it is usually at least three. Then there is the homework grind, the after school stuff, nagging everyone to get to bed on time. It is this exhausting ritual that last nine months. Plus it is cold and dark out early and I am not at all tan, I mean really come on…..

Summer is a serenade of beautiful long days at the beach or better yet vacation. Bedtime is flexible, showers are flexible, vegetables at every meal are flexible, heck even waking up has some flexibility.The end of summer also means my cherubs are one year older, one grade higher and one step closer to being all grown up.

As the last moments of summer come to a gentle close I will miss a ton of things.

I will miss my almost grown giant children waking up starving at 11 a.m, hair all amuck, still looking like they are just really tall 8 year olds.

I will miss meeting one of my cherubs for lunch during my lunch hour at work.

I will miss the constant barrage of friends that come and go. The week long sleepovers.  I love coming home to eight cherubs sprawled all over the furniture watching a movie.

I won’t will miss following up on homework or running to the craft store to get stuff to do a project. Heck, I have not stepped into a craft store since June.

I will won’t miss feeling like everyone has to be in bed by 10 p.m. or the next day will be a disaster

But the thing I will really miss is that this is my second to last summer with two of my babies. They are seniors this year. It is a big year. They have already taken senior pictures. The first football game of their last year is tomorrow. In fact almost everything is the last of something.

For someone who never wants her babies to fly the coup, and yes, I totally understand how dysfunctional and unhealthy that is. Senior year is just a great big emotional roller coaster. Full of peacock proud moments and teary eyes. Next summer is our last summer together as a whole family before they begin the journey off  whatever path life takes them on.

Sure I know they will come back and visit but that is the key word. It is just a “visit.”  They won’t live here anymore. I totally get that, that is the goal. God only loaned us our cherubs. We are their stewards. Our job is to raise independent, God loving, gospel sharing adults. If we have done that then we have fulfilled our commitment and God’s purpose for letting us have these amazing humans for the past eighteen or so years.

So sayonara summer. Hello fall. Lots of exciting moments to experience this year. Forward progress mommas.

Psalm 127:3-5 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.