Reckless Brewing – Mira Mesa

Reckless Brewing 

 reckless2What started off as a possibly good review ended up being a sad review. We stumbled upon this little brewery as one of our stops on our Mira Mesa tour. Reckless is located across from the mega brewery of Ballast Point at 9040 Carroll Way #8, San Diego, CA 92121. They are a small 1.5 barrel system that keeps 12 rotating unique beers on tap.

Ambience – Think garage brewery. Very casual. A bit sloppy looking. Didn’t feel very clean. The beertenders were great. Very knowledgable & passionate about the company. The owner was pretty rude (more on that below.)

Beers – Their 12 taps all have very unique flavor profiles. This is kind of their schtick, off the beaten track flavors. The ones I really liked;

What’s All This @ 5% – a mild pale ale infused with Earl Grey Tea. It had a mild bergamot flavor and was refreshing

Golden Boy @ 7.5% it was a really well balanced IPA with a nice citrusy flavor.

The beers I thought were terrible

Coconut Mead @ 10% cloying and very very sweet. It is fermented with honey & coconut but the flavors were so strong that was all you could taste.

For Goodness Sake @ 10% – brewed with rice and a splash of raspberry. Just tasted odd all the way around.

The rest were just ok.

I always like to give breweries a second try to be fair but the owner was so rude. He was not interested in answering questions. We were standing at the makeshift bar and he basically told us to move off of the bar and get out of the way. There was no where else to sit. He sort of had that artist snobbiness.


Food – No food. They had hotdogs and popcorn on this day because it was their anniversary but by in large they do not offer food trucks.

Overall – Ehhhh. Didn’t love it to begin with and then with the rudeness of the owner and the mediocrity of the beers I will be crossing this one off our list.


Bolt Brewery

Bolt Brewery

During our outing in La Mesa last weekend we also visited Bolt Brewery. Bolt has 2 breweries. The one we visited and another, with a restaurant in Little Italy. I love going to areas where breweries are within walking distance of each other. This one is just down the street from my previous review of Helix.

This is actually Bolts second round of starting a brewery. They began in Fallbrook in 1987. But, according their website, they couldn’t brew beer fast enough and eventually went out of business.

Jump forward to present day. Clint Stromberg and his business partner Molly Rust reopened what they call  Version 2.0 of Bolt Brewery

Stromberg along with his team of brewers Chris Angel (Head Brewer), Josh Ferracioli and Nick Pankow are steadily brewing at Bolt. Operating at 10-barrel system Clint built in 1995 in Budapest, Hungary, Bolt will produce roughly 2,000 barrels of beer annually. Though

boltAmbience – Cool beer garden space in a Quonset hut. All outdoor seating. The beertenders were very friendly. No indoor seating but plenty of shade.



The actual brewery is pretty cool with copper kettle. It is a 10-barrel system that Clint built in 1995 in Budapest, Hungary. They are producing roughly 2,000 barrel annually.

Beers – Solid beers. Nice finish. Some inventive styles.

We tried the following;

Imperial Pilsner @7.0% This was our favorite. Crisp and clean with a great finish.  Nice and citrusy

Hard Pressed Orange Ale @ 5.2%  (affectionately known as the Manmosa) Infused with real oranges. Sweet and tart. It was pretty refreshing on a hot day. I really liked this at first but was glad I only got a taster. It was a bit cloying towards the end.

Dan Stouts on Nitro @ 7.6% My second favorite. Double chocolate Imperial Stout. Nice nutty flavor. Great finish. Nice on the palate all the way back

Imperial Stout on Nitro @ 9.1% – I liked the Dan Stouts much better. This stout seemed to be all flavor up front with little finish

Belgian Dubbel @ 7.1% – Not a big fan of Belgians in the summer. They are typically way to sweet for me but this was a good light Dubbel. Clean finish with nice flavors of cherry and fig.

zqFood – Zia Quesadillas was the vendor. we were starving by the time we got here. The sirloin quesadillas was scrumptious. The salsa was good and the Enchilada was fair.


Overall – Fun place. Totally going back. I am anxious to try their Little Italy locations. The beers were good, some were very good. The ambience was fun. They have bands on the weekends so just check their website for events.

About the brewer – Clint considers himself a session beer specialist, the veteran of more than 29 years hopes to craft a little bit of everything — ales and lagers ranging from a proper pilsner to pale ales and stouts.

Misc. $5 flights on Tuesdays.

Helix Brewing Company

helixHelix brewing company is located in La Mesa, CA. It is a 10 BBL brew house with their roots in home brewing. The tasting room has 12 rotating taps of Helix beers.

Ambience – They did a phenomenal job on the space. It is a quaint indoor/outdoor tasting room. The patio is comfortable, plenty of seating. They have corn hole and various games. Super relaxing. We could have stayed there all day.


Beers – Very user friendly beers. 12 rotating taps. Heavy on the IPA offerings.  Nothing blew me away but they were solid.

We tried the following

Galaxy Rye – Rye IPA @ 6.4 ABV

Red N Active – Hoppy Red Ale @ 5.2ABV

Summer Momentum – IPA @7.0 ABV (this beer is fun because they brew it differently each time)

chkrebelFood – Rotating food vendors. They had Chicken Rebel – a fried chicken sandwich & tot vendor. We didn’t try the food, too heavy and hot out for fried foods, but surrounding tables said it was great.



Overall – Great brewery to hang out in. Super chill vibe. Very palatable beers.

Misc – We really liked their choice in glassware.

Pouring Hours:
Sunday         12-7PM
Monday         3-9PM
Tuesday        3-9PM
Wednesday   3-9PM
Thursday       3-9PM
Friday          12-10PM
Saturday      12-10PM

Zumbar Chocolate Imperial Stout

zumbar-chocolate-coffeeNew English Brewery is a cute little San Diego brewery that has created Zumbar, a most delicious Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout. It is a collaboration with a San Diego Boutique coffee roaster, Zumbar Coffee & Tea

(Commercial description)

This Imperial Stout is brewed with “El Mundo” a rich blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffee beans in the mash and also in the fermenter. As well as ridiculous amounts of whole bean coffee we added 2 Lbs per Barrel of 72% cacao Belgian Chocolate in the secondary.

The flavor – Delicious coffee, chocolate, a bit smokey, a bit nutty, not too sweet

Style – Imperial Stout

Scent – Dark chocolate and sharp fresh coffee

Pour-  Pitch black with a lovely tan head

Body – Medium body, smooth and chewy

ABV – 9.3%

Finish – Nice lingering coffee and chocolate flavor. Warming on the belly

Food Pairing – Cheesecake, Shortbread Cookies or Biscottis would be lovely

ef346b_765275616b774d2da4d28eaaddf5368b-mv2 ef346b_a927c1f28d2e4f648a884ca161859860-mv2


Side note: I had this on Nitro and it was Fantabulous


I know it will be fine but…..

downloadIt has been a long long time since I have posted. Life has been the same ole busy thing. There have been big big bumps and easy care free moments. We hit our 21st wedding anniversary. and we had our #1 cherub graduate high school.

He has 71 days until we drop him off at his college dorm

There are a thousand articles and blogs out there that talk about how hard it is but……

it is healthy

it is such an exciting time

it was the plan was all along

God loaned our babies to us to raise into good God loving, gospel spreading young adults

How would we feel if they didn’t leave, didn’t become independent young men & women?

Every one of those things is totally true. I agree with them 100%. My son is a good man. We are incredibly proud of him. We have raised him to be independent and to be able to thrive in the world. He is so excited about his future and we are excited for him.

It doesn’t change how sad I am. It doesn’t make me feel better that in 71 days my son will only come home to visit.

Day to day life will be different. We will be a house of 4 instead of 5.  I will miss listening to the boys chat at night. I love going to sleep listening the hum of their whispering. I will miss our Saturday morning tradition of watching the latest super hero television show together. My #2 son will be driving to and from school by himself from now on. The brothers have always been together. This will be the first time in their lives that they are apart. My #2 son told me his heart hurt yesterday as they drove home from school for the last time together. Family dinners will be different, Family day will be different.

Everything will be different.

I will miss him so much.

I blinked and it was over. It seems like yesterday (honestly) that he would run out when I got home and wrap his little chubby arms around me or beg me to rub his back so he could fall asleep. I would give anything to have back the moment in the picture above.

I am sure in a few months I will be able to write about the joy of watching my child become an independent person in his own element, The satisfaction in seeing the evolution of the young man to the more mature man.

But for today I am just sad. My good friend gave me some great advice, “Don’t ignore or repress your feelings. You have to acknowledge them in order to move forward” So here I am, fully acknowledging my feelings, a weepy sad mess.

For all the mommas out there that have been through this I know it is temporary. We have many friends whose children have left the nest and their new normal is just fine. I know we will get there too. But for today I just want to have a pity party and a glass of wine.



Nothing New for A Year??!!!

35875ef59d69ed175eb78d672c2645f8I have never been a big New Year resolution person.

But his year I decided to do something bold, at least for me.

When I told my family my resolution it was met with eye rolling and snickering.

My 2016 resolution is to not to buy anything new for a year.
I know this sounds ridiculous to many of you but I get a little too much enjoyment from new things. I just feel better when I have a new whatever. I love coming home and seeing an amazon package, even if it is just a $3.00 eyeliner I get a little giddy.
I want to find another way to feel like that without it costing me $10
The idea for this resolution came to me last month.
As I was frantically running around buying gifts I had an several aha moments;
  • All those $10-$15 purchases add up to waaay too much.
  • When everyone opened their gifts in 20 seconds after 2 months of careful shopping they were content and grateful but it was really anticlimactic. Aside from a few pieces of clothing, socks etc they didn’t need anything.
  • When I look for outfit ideas I realized that I have some version of just about every piece of essential clothing, accessory, shoe etc.
  • We have a cherub going to college this year and we honestly don’t have anywhere to cut back, except my addiction to buying cheap t shirts and accessories.
I have been on the fence about saying this resolution out loud. I did not want to hear the mockery and I am afraid I am not going to be able to do it. But now that it is out there I am setting up some parameters.
1) I will not buy any new piece of clothing, shoes or accessories for the year of 2016, with the exception of essentials, i.e.if my running shoes get a hole, if I need new underwear because mine no longer have elastic.
2) I will only buy my children new clothes if they have outgrown their current wardrobe. The boys should not be to affected by this as much but my girl may suffer greatly.
3) I will not buy any new kitchen or home item for decor or convenience. Only out of necessity
4) When I have my annual parties (Halloween, Super Bowl, Oscars etc) I will not buy any themed decor. I will be creative with what I have (this makes me a little sad)
5) I will not buy any new makeup just to try the color. I will replace my makeup only as needed.
These are the techniques I plan to use to inspire myself
1) When tempted to buy anything I will take that money and put it in a savings account I have set up just for this purpose
2) I am gonna pray my way through the temptation
3) I am going to unsubscribe to all those teaser discount sites, coupon sites as well as stores like Old Navy and Kohls
4) I am going to remove all credit cards and store cards from my wallet with the exception of one credit card for emergencies.
5) When I have to go to a store like Target I will go directly to the section I need and not peruse the other sections.
Ok mommas. That is my plan.
Wish me luck.
I will update my progress.
So far I have not purchased a pair of jeans and a totally cute sweater that was on sale at Target for $8 (come on how can I pass that up)??? But I hung tough. 5 days down, 360 to go and $22 in my new savings account.

5 Make Up Tips For Women Over 40 That Really Work

‘Tis the season of parties. I have experimented with a ton of different makeup tips. Below are the 4 tips that I swear by. They provide the best smoke and mirror tricks to try and keep my rapidly aging, sagging, wrinkling face at bay. Merry Christmas Mommas. Enjoy these tips.

Mascara Stamping — The New Way to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


Red Lipstick Under Eye Concealer — My favorite of all make up tips






This amazes me every-time I do it. Check out the video below for instructions.


Brow Filling- A Huge Necessity after 40







I use a brow pencil to define top and bottom and then fill in with a brow powder and brow brush

Eye Shadow Primer – The Older I get the More Yucky My Eye Shadow Gets. Using Primer Makes All The Difference






I have used several different brands. They are all basically the same in my opinion.

I use my fingers to apply (after moisturizer) but you can use a brush too.

Bonus Tip – If You Use Eyeliner Switch to Gel

Honestly it is so much better. It is easier to apply and lasts all day so you don’t get those black flakes under your eyes and on your cheekscomparison-gel-liquid1

Toddlers 5 Favorite Items To Flush Down The Toilet

Today’s entertaining guest post is from The Tucson Plumber . They gave us a list of the top five items tots are tossing in the toilet.

drain_toysMost parents I know have a love/hate relationship with the toilet. Especially if you are a parent of toddlers. Around two years of age, young children are thrilled to discover the toilet. Even before potty-training is a subject of discussion, tots quickly and enthusiastically learn that they can flush objects down the toilet. This hobby quickly becomes a favorite “game” for children of various ages. However, this annoying practice can be unsafe for our plumbing system as well as for the environment.

  1. Toys – From stuffed animals to plastic cars, to talking phones and crayons, toddlers love flushing their prized possessions down the toilet. If a toy is flushed, plunging may work to unclog the toilet.
  2. Jewelry – If your gems are left within the reach of your tots, you may soon have a problem. If jewelry or other very valuable items are flushed, they might be recovered from a “J trap” (more common beneath sinks and basins), or from a sewer cleanout between the residence and the sewer line.
  3. Baby Wipes–It’s a fact that kids love baby wipes. And although they are often marketed to be flushed like toilet paper, these wipes create clogs and backups in sewer systems.
  4. Paper Towels – Kids love to mimic their parents, who are often cleaning up messes with paper towels. Unfortunately, flushing them can cause big problems to your plumbing system. These towels are not designed to break down in water like toilet paper.
  5. Disposable Diapers –Diapers are made from toxic plastic that’s designed to expand when it comes in contact with water. In the rare chance you actually get it down the drain, it will instantly cause a terrible back up.


125x125Hey Mommas,

Check out this super cute personalized daily texts from Santa and a selfie of Santa in front of your Christmas Tree. What a cute thing to do for your cherubs.
Below are details

Daily texts starting December 1st

3 customized texts that you can create and schedule when to send (ex-Susie, I heard your teacher Miss Smith sent home a note saying what a kind friend you were today at school.  I’m so proud of you!  xoxo, Santa)

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The Trick to Becoming a Better Person

self-helpHow can I be a better person, wife, parent, Christian?

How can I better serve God?

How can I take better care of my body?

How can I be more patient?

How can I be more humble?

How can I, How can I, How can I????

This is my usual thought process (intermingled with my to do list) on my walks with God. My prayers usually revolve around God making me better whatever in accordance with my most glaring current shortcoming

I have read faith books, bible studies, self help books, talked at nauseam to God and my friends about what I want to do better in my life.

On today’s walk I was just tired. Tired of hearing myself babble. I started my walk off by asking God if He could help me enjoy His company today. Just walk side by side with me.

If God had something to say I was happy to listen but if not I has happy to just stroll along silently.(This is not easy for me)

Then I had an “aha” moment. I think God did have a nugget or two today.

It isn’t about “I”. God doesn’t always want me working on myself. This is the enemies trick. The devil gets us to be so self focused that it keeps our focus and attention off of God, That is the danger. We think we are pursuing God but in reality we are pursing self.

If my thoughts and energy are always on me how can I be of use and serve others? Self focus always makes sure we never obtain an unrealistic bench mark we have set. Self focus makes sure we are unsatisfied and not complete.

Don’t get me wrong, I think self improvement is important but not when it is our primary focus. Not when it is done because we are really trying to control things in our lives instead of submitting to God’s will us.

So after my next bible study I am going to take a self help break. I am going to throw myself into the bible and just be in God’s word. I am curious what He has to say to me when I am not telling him what I think my plan should be.